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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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show it do you, and we have more of the terrifying story. >> he said he listened to the suspect, so he didn't get hurt. take a look at the picture. police say this woman, holding a handgun, robbed a taxi driver on monday night. >> she said, pull over. >> the cab driver picked up the woman, and later found out it was a fake address. >> the red flags were there. >> why? >> she was getting angry, in the cab. >> according to to lee, the woman told him to pull over. >> she said, do exactly as i say, and give me the cash and your phone. >> the officers say she's around 5'6, with brownish hair. >> she said she don't tell the police. >> he didn't immediately report the incident, because he was too scared, but now he hopes she's caught. >> she went too far, and i hope
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>> anyone with information, should call the orlando police department. fox 35 news. and the news alert tonight, hundreds of high school students are finally home after kept in class hours after dismissal time. the school forced into a lock down and the parents want answers. we're hearing from the parent tonight. >> the parent of thousands of students at this school are probably happier tonight after an hours long lock down finally ends. frayed nerves and intense words in st. cloud this evening. >> i'm very upset. >> more than 100 parents, waiting anxiously for their children in a four hour lock down at the high school. >> i can't believe this is happening. we moved from miami to get away from this, and this is happening
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>> the police spokesperson, says the school got information via social media that an active violence would happen in seventh period in the courtyard. the spokesperson says the threat was serious enough to call the police and lock down the school as a precaution this afternoon. >> it's scary, especially it's a small town. >> over a dozen officers, searched nine campus building and all the students and the back packs. i'm told that's what took so long. nothing was found and all students were safe the entire time. >> [inaudible]. >> then, just before 6 p.m. the lock down lifted. pablgdz -- parents, finally able to get their child. >> very happy and pleased. >> the district says there was a
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one was found to not be credible. that's why the police were here today. they're actively investigating these social media threats. in st. cloud, fox 35 news. thank you, a new suspect now under arrest in the deadly shooting in the nightclub in orlando. two were killed back on february 7, police have arrested 21-year-old, he's facing several charges, including first-degree murder and the detectives have rearrested jose lopez, he was originally arrested last week, charged with carrying a gun at the club. but he's back in jail tonight and facing several additional charges, including being a felon in possession of a gun. the defths are -- detectives are trying to figure out if the shooting was gang related. nine other club goers were hurt.
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human remains, found in volusia county. the investigator are searching the dirt, looked for more bones. the discovery was made this afternoon, near daytona beach. that's where the survey crew, found a human skull bullpen they're serging the woods -- searching the woods in that area. they're looking for more bones and evidence, the search is expected to resume tomorrow morning. they think it might be a homeless man who disappeared back in 2014. in the meantime, no sign of a missing orlando baby. the police spent part of the day, flushing the sewer system near the apartments where they believe the baby was born. the mother, that woman there, susan richardson, she remains behind bars, still not offering any kind of an explanation of what happened to her daughter or where she left her. new at 11, a man is behind bars, facing child porn charges.
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man, michael becker, ten counts of possession of child porn. they searched the home after they learned his computer was used to share the content online sniechl and tragedy in a florida home, when a fire kills four children. >> bob the fire broke out in the pensacola home early this morning. four kids, a 11-year-old, 5, and 3 easterlied and 11 -- 3-year-old, and 11 month old were trapped inside. the smoke was too thick to find them, and firefighters did rescue the children, crews tried to revive them on scene, but no success. no smoke detectors were found.
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saying the current process, denies the dui suspects the right to due process. they're seeking more than $50 million. and the hurricane hunters getting kicked out of their florida base, right now the aircrafts are based in the air force base in tampa, but they want it back and the aircraft has to vacate by july of 2017, it's unclear where the operation will go. it's currently home to the aircraft operation center,. thank you, kyle bush and detail earnhardt jr., have a lot of to celebrate tonight. adam is live at the speedway with more on the dramatic can-am dual tonight. >> yeah, we had smooth sailing, almost the entire night, had to
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second can-am duals, before we had some drama, and it's important. let's look at the video, matt kenseth on the pole at the race. he's set up to start second on the outside of row one for the daytona 500. he gets passed by kyle bush early on, and kenseth hangs back. we had green flag in this race all the way to the last lap of this race and then we had some serious fireworks. jimmy johnson involved. and matt kenseth's car is a complete wreck, that means, unless they get his car fixed, he'll not start on row one for the daytona 500. meanwhile kyle bush wins the first or the second of the two duals. now the first dual, earlier in the evening. one lead change, no cautions.
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the lead, and this was planned. elliot, dropped back to preserve his car, 14 laps to go, and it gets interesting. hamlin takes the lead, and eight laps to go the first caution. whit is spun from behind. out of control, bripgz out the yellow, and he was trying to race his way into the 500, and that'll end that. six to go, earnhardt jr., retakes the lead and in the end, earnhardt jr. with the win, for the second year in a row. logano was in second. >> it was quiet and calm there for a long time, until the last lap, and great car, looking forward to starting the daytona 500 in the four spot. >> i was so nervous, it's a
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you have to go out and try to win, but you can't -- you have to race tear up the car don't matter. it's crossing your fingers and hope you get to the finish with the car in one piece. >> again, dale earnhardt jr., talking about what happened. kenseth, it's unlikely that he'll be, unless they fix the car, he has to go to the back of the pack. so dramatics in the late of the second can-am duals, a fun evening, and everyone involved in the crashes was okay. tomorrow, what we have going on here, is two separate practices, and the truck race in the evening. i'll be out here, covering that for you. should be fun, fox 35 sports.
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good day orlando, they're on the road tomorrow, live at the daytona international speedway. we'll talk live to the speedway's president. of the make over, that's tomorrow. out at the track, at 7 a.m. looked like something out of a war zone. that's how a florida woman is describing her front yard after a young dreier blast -- driver blasted through her front yard. the 13-year-old behind the wheel and the danger. and animal cruelty. >> the forecast here in central florida, looking good and the skies are closure. cool, and the temperatures will continue to warm, we'll talk more of that coming up.
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think you've seen some crazy basketball shots? roll the tape. >> fete in the hole. -- get in the hole. oh. joishgs come on. that is is obviously the member of the harlem globe trotters, nearly impossible. oh, nicely done. scooter is attempting one of the
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off the roof of the arena. just two days before the south carolina voters, head to the poll, jeb bush has serious work to do. a national poll, they surveyed more than 1,000 registered voters, and donald trump is coming in first place. followed by ted cruz, and rubio is rising. ben carson and jeb bush tied at 9. the republican voters about to to the polls on saturday. and the democrats don't vote there until next saturday. and the after math of a criteria she that looked like a bomb that had gone off. the person behind the wheel is
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adult criminal charges. she stole the van and crashed into the subdivision. how the whole wild ride unfolded. >> i may have well been an explosion. >> it was horrible. >> chunks of debris. >> you can see this was damaged. >> flew everywhere, like shrapnel. >> this was a door. the bricks. >> this is what happens when a kid gets behind the wheel. the police say that late wednesday night, jade miller, stole a van, and made her way to the park. she's not old enough to get her learner's permit, she's 13. she smashed through the brick subdivision wall. she went through like a knife
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the van blasted through the brick wall. but look at this piece. all the way across the yard and it landed over here, and this is so heavy, i can't move it. >> i feel blessed this tree was here. she would have gone straight through my house. >> she faces grand thet auto. >> it's something that stand out in mind this is not what typical behavior is, and a change of whatever is going on with her. >> people need to be accountable of what you do, i don't care what your age is. >> in this case, barely a teenager. fox 35 news. and trending around the world, this is a heart breaking story. a tiny dolphin, found in the waters, dies after beach goers, picked it up, and paraded it around, and everyone is trying
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the group abandoned it on the sand. two of the small dolphins were plucked out of the ocean, and the second one somehow was able to survive. the hospital held hostage by hackers, and the officials decided to pay the ran some. to unlock the computer systems. the crooks took over last week, and the police are looking into it. but there no evidence that any patient or employee information was accessed. new tonight, celebrity studded opening in downtown orlando. the new wahlberg brothers hitting the red carpet for the grand opening of the new wahlberger. >> a new business is opening in downtown orlando, it's getting
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even opening with a big street party here. it's a new restaurant on south orange avenue. the famous founders are the wahlberg brothers. mark, donnie, and paul. it's opened back in 2007, and been the subject of a tv show. it has a full bar and everyone here today is here to see the tv and movie stars in action. in fact, we got a chance to catch up with two of them. >> people come in the restaurant because of curiosity, [inaudible]. the reason they'll come back is the experience. as far as orlando, we met great partners, very good at what they do, and we -- my job now is also, i drive as much attention possible. >> we find it amazing down here. the location is fantastic, the whole church street,
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for us, it's a great opportunity. [inaudible]. so we're very excited to be down here. >> this is a sample, tonight they're not making the full bushers, but a 5 ounce patty burger is 650. all right, forecast here in central florida right now is looking pretty good. the live radar is rain free, not much in the way of cloud cover, and you can't make rain. temperatures now in the low to mid 50's, is most of the area. a comfortable night tonight, the temperatures on the cool side, winds out of the northeast, dew points right now, low 41 in ocala, the air is nice and dry. 57 degrees right now downtown, we currently have a north wind right now at 10 miles per hour. a high temperature earlier today, 73, one of the best spots in the nation, normal high is
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slow warming as we get to the upcoming weekend, great weather is expected for the race day forecast and it looks like the next chance of rain holds off to tuesday or wednesday of next week. 60 in tampa, and across the u.s., storm system cruising the u.s. and nothing in the eastern u.s., that's great news. next storm system in the western u.s., cruising up to the north. overall, we're high and dry. high pressure dominates in the forecast, and it's comfortable as we go through the upcoming weekend. lows for tonight, 52 in sanford, 45 in ocala. 43 up to gainesville, the highs for tomorrow, very comfortable like today. cooler on the beach side, temperatures there on the beach around 68 to 70 degrees.
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again, a beautiful day, a look at the seven day forecast. staying nice and comfortable. normal high is now 74 degrees, we'll stay pleasant through the weekend. sunday, 77 degrees, lots of sunshine and next week, there's a chance of rain, but not much as we get into tuesday and wednesday. thank you, and another orlando magic player is cleaning out his locker. frye is traded to the cleveland cavaliers. this is a great picture a water fall that attracts the likes of photographers from around the world this time of year. it looks like it's on fire there. the water, and we'll tell you what's happening at this the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers
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ryan gosling. show you the most massive black hole ever discovered. about 300 light years away from earth in a galaxy called ngc 489. it's about 21 billion times larger than our sun. yeah. nature's beauty caught on camera, it look like the falls are on fire. but it's an optical illusion. the photographers from around the world, they come here to shoot the falls at yosemite national park. it occurred in february, when the setting sun, hits the falls just right. i don't think we have that
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good looking forecast, 73 tomorrow, a lot of sunshine, winds come up this weekend, and
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for not >> today on "tmz" -- >> we got kanye west yesterday. and i don't care what this guy says, there's war going on in the kardashian family. >> do you feel betrayed kylie signed with puma? >> kim, kanye, and kris jenner all live in the same house. they kept kim/kanye on the outside of that deal. harvey: you're kanye west and it's like kanye, i have to take a call for a second.


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